We provide a range of therapies and work with adults, children, couples and families.  With clinics based in Hull and appointments within your own home available, we have a service to meet your needs.

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Providers of  Consultancy, Training Packages, Occupational Health Services, Supervision and Reflective Practice Groups in schools, businesses and healthcare providers. Our focus is on building Psychologically Safe Workplaces.

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We are regularly producing new and free resources to support individuals, businesses and schools.

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How can therapy help me?

Life can be full of stressors.  Some of us may find ourselves feeling like we're struggling with life but can't quite put our finger on why others may have a diagnosed mental health condition.  

Clinical Psychologists apply evidence-based theory and research to ensure we can best meet your needs and are able to consider a number of factors in order to develop a shared understanding of your difficulties and a way to move forward. 

Whilst other therapists can often be highly skilled, the lack of regulation and protection of the title can, unfortunately, mean that those with limited, if any, training can equally call themselves a counselor or psychotherapist. It is therefore important to consider an individual's qualifications and registrations.

  Dr Gerri Moxon is a fully qualified HCPC registered Clinical Psychologist.  Check the HCPC Registration here

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