Building a Training Package

We recognise the importance of having a bespoke package, and for that reason we offer a free 1 hour consultation where we can develop a system of training which focuses on the areas that are required.  This flexibility allows us to offer you a 'pick and mix' type approach.

Our Training Packages include master copies of our resources worth £200.

Examples of some of our training packages and prices include;

Twilight Refresher Sessions - £100 per 1.5 hour session

An ideal training package to provide a brief overview and recommendations for interventions for an area of interest.  Available as part of a rolling program or one off sessions.  We are also able to adapt this service to provide input to pupil assemblies.

Half Day Training - £395

A 3 hour training session which can be utilised to focus on up to 3 areas, for example Eating Disorders, Bullying and Anxiety

Full Day Training - £595

An ideal opportunity to build up further knowledge and learn how best to support children's needs on up to 6 areas of interest.

1:1 or Small Group Mentoring - £1,495 for 30 sessions

With the recent government recommendations and the increasing popularity of Mental Health Champions in organisations, we can provide regular mentoring sessions for up to 5 people to develop their skills and confidence.  Investing in Mental Health Champions and our mentoring system can provide you with a supported network of individuals in your school to approach for guidance and advice.

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