Work Related Stress

Around one third of our life is spent at work.  That is a hugely significant amount of time if being in that environment causes you distress, and it's a problem for many people with the Health and Safety Executive advising that 11.7 million working days are lost due to work related stress.

Dr Gerri Moxon has a particular interest in the theory of the Psychologically Safe Workplace and provides consultancy to a number of businesses and organisations to promote this in the hope of increasing awareness and reducing stress for employees, and in turn increasing productivity and results in the workplace.  Equally important however is ensuring the individuals affected by work-related stress have sufficient support.  Some workplaces can be more supportive than others if you find yourself suffering with anxiety or depression as a result of your work, however despite their support, it is often necessary for people to speak to someone about their concerns who is not part of the company in question to reduce any concerns about reprimand or unfair treatment.  

You may have visited your GP who has recommended accessing talking therapies, or you may have recognised yourself that this is something you may benefit from, and we are able to provide a confidential service to you, with the ability to provide recommendations to your employer if you should feel this is necessary.

Unfortunately, we are often unable to change the system we are working in, however talking through the difficulties you are facing will provide emotional and practical support and will aim to improve your ability to cope with these stressors - whether that be as a result of difficult relationships or bullying at work, the inability to say no to an ever increasing workload or any other difficulties you may be experiencing,

Employers are often able to fund for you to attend therapy under their Occupational Health schemes in order to support a return to work.  This is a question you may wish to ask of your employer if you would like a referral to our services.  Alternatively, you can contact us directly to arrange an appointment.

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