Or experiencing any kind of loss

Unfortunately, at some time or another, we will all experience a loss.

Often when speaking of a loss we think of experiencing a bereavement, however, we can experience similar feelings of loss at other times in life such as the ending of a relationship, or more generally just as a loss of life as we knew it, perhaps as a result of chronic illness, injury, or change in circumstances.

An experience of loss requires a period of adjustment. It is considered that this process can take up to 2 years.

Kubler Ross, an American psychiatrist, developed a theory called the Five Stages of Grief. Whilst this is often most associated with the grief of losing a loved one, it is a model which often echoes the stages one may go through with any kind of loss or adjustment. Before detailing the five stages, it is important to note that the process is not a linear one.  The Five Stages are as follows;

Denial       Anger       Bargaining       Depression       Acceptance

Some people may experience these stages in a different order, they may return to some stages more than once, they may become stuck in a particular stage, or they may skip some stages altogether or move through the stage so quickly that it is not recognised. What this model does provide, however, is a way for someone to understand the feelings and thoughts that they are experiencing.

For further information on the 5 stages, watch the video below.

Hopefully, you have found this information useful and potentially reassuring, however, if you have experienced a loss of any kind and feel you would benefit from therapy for this, you can contact us here.

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