Free Resources

For individuals, organisations and schools

Thank you for visiting our free resource page.  We are looking to develop a wide range of information sheets and posters to support individuals, organisations and schools in promoting and understanding mental health difficulties and promoting psychological safety.

If there is a particular area of interest where an information sheet has not yet been produced, please feel free to contact us and we will endeavour to add it to our growing collection.

"Winter Blues" and supporting Organisations

With the winter season fast approaching, many can experience low mood.  Seasonal Affective Disorder is a recognised condition which the NHS estimates can affect approximately 1 in 15.  Productivity and morale may be a struggle in your organisation over the winter period.  Below are some free resources on how to best support your staff at this time.

Considering Annual Leave Policies
Flexible Working Arrangements

 "Healthy Competition"

Thinking about anxiety and depression

What is High Functioning Anxiety or Depression?

Self Help Tools

Grounding Exercise
Self Esteem and Image Exercise
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